Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dudes is a platform for Laptop Rentals. You can rent a laptop as per your need. Dudes manages payment, delivery & technical resolution services. As a renter, you can browse Dudes catalogue of laptops, and choose any one or more to rent it for a certain duration. And Dudes will be delivery and pick up from your doorstep.

Dudes is currently operating and providing rental service in Bangalore, India only.

Visit, navigate to Catalogue Page, choose a laptop as per your need, order the laptop, the order shall be checked by Dudes operation team and then they will contact you to fulfil the order. After that Dudes operation team shall help you in payment and doorstep delivery.

Yes, you can. Please contact us, if we have laptops available to rent it for a week, then surely you will get it.

No. We only provide laptops on rent.

Yes, you can. Our most of the laptops are windows based laptops, so there is no issue in finding one.

Yes you can, if its available

Yes in most of the Laptops, webcam is available. In few cases a Laptop may not have webcam. So while ordering, please inform specifically about webcam based Laptops

Yes there is a possibility, but not always. Its completely depends on us, whether we want to sell it or not

The rent of a Laptop based on the configuration of the Laptop. So before renting, please check different Laptop configurations and rental price for it.

The Security deposit is on the Laptop. The deposit amount is completely refundable when you return the Rented Laptop. We keep the security deposit as a assurance from our side.

Yes, choose a best fit laptop for your online classes and use

Yes, choose a laptop which fits your need & confirm the Laptop configuration & then rent it.

Yes, you can rent for your business and install appropriate software's needed for your business.

We format the Laptop before giving the Laptop to you. And the Laptop is as if you have bought a new Laptop. Only use trusted software's & use strong password, to keep your data protected

No, you never own the Laptop. You only taken the Laptop on rent for a specific time period and when you have the Laptop with you, please take care of the Laptop its with you.

We provide a laptop on rent in a specific geographical area. In case any issue happens with the Laptop, we cannot provide service beyond the geographical location. And if anything happens beyond the area, you will be completely responsible for that. Even if in some emergency you want to carry the Laptop outside our service area, please inform us before going out.

We always provide our service keeping our customers need and budget. So you will always find some amazing deals & offers. Please visit our site and check all the deals & offers available.

There is no extra charges on rental Laptops. In some cases there can be a small charge while delivering or picking up the Laptop from door step. This charge depends on, whether you stay near to our service location or not. If you stay near to us, then there will not be any such charges.

No. The Laptop is rented to one person only, so its not transferable.

We need ID proof to validate your identity as a customer as per the law of the Land. Address proof is to check whether you stay inside our service area or not.

For internal issues such as Hard Drive or SSD or Mother board issues which happens without any misuse, then we take care of those issue without any charge. But if issues happens due to misuse or accidental mishandling or issues occurs due to power fluctuation, then the repairing cost can be charged

We always try to reduce issues from our customers by providing good quality Laptops. If any issues occur we always try to provide service in immediate basis.

Please check out to know about it.

PLease check out to know about it.