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Need a LAPTOP for your CHILD ?


Are you a STUDENT & need a Laptop for studies?


Do you need a Laptop for PERSONAL use ?

We make it QUICK & EASY to get a LAPTOP for you, you will love.


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Get your Laptop delivered at your door step.

Wheather it is Software or hardware issue, our support team shall be always there to help you.

We do pro-active maintainace check-up, so that, you will never go into any kind of trouble.

Well trained professionals take care of all the issue you face, so that, your data remains safe.

We provide verified and tested hardwae, so that you will always stay away from troubles.

Install & try any software as you need. (Avoid malicious softwares & be careful about software licenceses)

Make your child a creator not only a consumer.

Let them explore the world of technology.

Let them make their hands dirty with automation & future technologies.

Let them accommodate to the unusual things.

Let them reach out the bigger & smarter online community around the world.

Students, make use of the opportunity to try & learn new things without investing a hefty amount of money on a new PC/Laptop.

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